About JHP

Making a joyful noise as we grow in grace and knowledge


Operational Philosophy

Joyfully His Preschool offers children a faith based environment for social, intellectual, emotion, spiritual and physical growth.
Our goal is to create a well supervised, safe environment for your child to grow and forge wholesome friendships. We seek to foster a nurturing, child-friendly and developmentally appropriate atmosphere. It is our conviction that when children are “playing”, they are indeed “learning”. Therefore, classroom routines encourage active involvement, meaningful experimentation and reinforcement through repetition.
Schedules are designed to balance free play, such as blocks, play dough, “let’s pretend” play, paint, etc. and structured play such as stories, songs, crafts, worksheets and games. In this way the stage is set for a child’s life-long journey of discovering the workings and wonders of God’s world.
We are pleased that you are considering Joyfully His Preschool as a possible option for your child. We look forward to an opportunity to win your trust and confidence as co-teachers of young children. 


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